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€ 39/mtl.



€ 59/mtl.



€ 89/mtl.


 IP Phone Services list

User option Bronze Silver Gold
Basic fee € 39/mtl. € 59/mtl. € 89/mtl.
One time setup € 29 € 29 € 29
Phone calls
Price on request on request on request
Additional editting € 1 € 1 € 1
Your country language is free of charge
German, English, French, Russian, Greek, Italian.... € 19/mtl. € 19/mtl. € 19/mtl.
Notifications via IP-Software
Notifications via email
Customized greeting
Phone information recording
Recording of contact data
Call back appointment
Adding the interested parties to the IP software data base
Call back the contact emails and information feed into the data base

Customized caller notes

We notify you free of charge of every call via email. You alone will decide what particular data you’d like the email to include (regard, name, company, phone, etc.).

Call patch trough

As a phone center we can filter your phone calls and connect you with predetermined callers or put VIP parties directly through to the responsible call agent.

Interested parties

Our innovation for you: our phone agents add the detailed potential buyer’s data directly to the IP software data base.

Email contact inquiry of portals

Our innovation for you: the email inquiries coming from the real estate portals go through our servers and are then edited from our call center team. We will get back to the absent potential buyer and will feed his data to our data base.

Call back appointment

For your convenience we will record a call back time. This way you are certain to reach the potential buyer and save yourself some precious time.

Foreign languages

IP phone service is available in your native language as in others foreign languages as well. This way we can assist you in providing a high quality service to your international customers.

Customized greeting

We will answer your phone calls for you and greet your customers just as you would like us to do: “Good day to you!”, “Hi”, “How ya doing?”, etc. in order to identify better with your company’s appearance.

Flexible service times

By rush hour times, out of the office business meetings, or just around the clock : It’s your decision when and for how long to use our IP phone service. All you need to do is activate or deactivate the Service “ call forwarding ”.

Your co-worker list

According to your chosen tariff you have the option to provide us with a co-worker list. This way our service team will have an easier time integrating itself with your company and will forward your clients to the assigned co-workers.

Emergency information

We could cover for you any standard emergency cases such as an arrival of a postman, a customer waiting at your door, etc. We can also identify predetermined by yourself emergencies and then patch them directly through to you.